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Days 4 & 5: I pass the first big test!

If you have read earlier posts, you know that I was worried (really worried) about days 4 and 5 (May 24-25, 2022). These were two big riding days. Even Bruce was worried (if Dave was worried he did not say). And you also know I am not in the same riding condition or as strong a rider as Bruce or Dave.

That said, I passed the test! All three of us passed these two tests. Day 4 was the bigger worry and proved to be the bigger challenge. We climbed into the Sierras, lots of elevation gain. Day 5 was a long ride, especially early in the trip and on the heels of day 4’s climb. More details and pictures follow.


Day 4: 76 miles, 9364 elevation

The weather was perfect—cool to start and never too hot. The climbing was tough—all in the first 60 miles. It was pretty relentless with lots of 6-8% grade. We started with climbing right out of the box, though it was neat to see a vineyard off to the right (this is a wine region). From there it was a slow steady climb at about 5-7 mph for hours. The last 15 miles or so were all downhill (”wheeeeee”). The sights were beautiful—see pictures in the Relive video or photos (scroll down). I left early (5:25 a.m.) after grabbing a donut at Donut Street Cafe which was right in front of our hotel. Dave and Bruce left about 45 later. I am a slow steady rider (read tortoise) and was moving for almost 9 hours with total time 10:40. I saw Bruce and Dave at Cook’s Station restaurant as I left and they arrived. I was entertained by the audiobook Endymion (my Sci-fi) which I got about halfway through. See Relive video below.

Day 5: 94 miles, 2159 elevation

Nice weather again—though pretty hot by end of the day. The three of us stuck together to Carson City (about 30 miles in) where we stopped at a bike shop (to check air pressure and use a good pump) and had breakfast at a neat little place. From there they dropped me on the first hill. I had no power all day (after yesterday), but pushed through steady to the end. By the end it was close to 90 degrees and I had “hot feet” (swelling and painful feet). I only listen to books when riding alone and when out of cities, and once again listened to Endymion. The Relive video below.

Stories and pictures

The best pictures below are from Day 4–the climb into the Sierras and descent to Alpine Village.

Day 4: The road into the Sierras…

This was a long beautiful slog. The ride started with some vineyards (no photos, I didn’t take pictures early and not more came up). I then drove through Fiddletown. I hope you like these look around videos…

The long climb continued to Carson Pass. On the way down someone took my picture and suggested the “thumbs up” I liked how it turned out. Then another ”wheeeee” glide through a beautiful canyon and arrival at Woodfords Inn.

Day 5: A long ride through Carson City and the desert on the way to Fallon

Things started a bit chilly with beautiful blue skies and snow capped mountains in the background.

We stopped at a nice coffee shop in Carson City.

The roads at first were busy but had a nice shoulder.

Eventually, I was on my own in the desert with an occasional oasis.

All in all a really nice, though long, riding day.

But I DID IT! If you cannot tell, I was worried and I am proud to have made it. That I did this early give me more confidence I can continue to keep pace with Bruce and Dave.

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May 27, 2022

I’m really enjoying following along on your trip, nice job on the blog! Congrats on passing the first test! I had faith in you. Looks like you are all doing great.


May 27, 2022

Fantastic! Bet you are feeling great. When I saw on Strava you did 9K+ climbing on that first big day my jaw dropped - WOW. Loved the pics and videos, thanks for bringing us along. Carolyn says hi and she's astounded at how far you have gotten already!


May 27, 2022

congratulations on days 4 and 5. Looks like a beautiful ride. Really enjoy watching your progress. Don


May 27, 2022

And we are proud of you too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts🤗


Wynn Washle
Wynn Washle
May 27, 2022


Thank you for sharing your highs, lows and vulnerabilities. I makes it so real for us to feel what you experience!


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